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INFESTATION film project

a shocking true story of demonic possession

     A young unsuspecting professional couple moves into a residential rental home in palm spring, california unaware of the unsettling dangers which await them in their new life. 
     The couple is unaware they have moved into a residence plagued by some highly disturbing incidents which occurred in their new home. forty-five years earlier a heinous murder was committed by another family who had moved into the house on rodeo road. there had also been an actual case of demonic possession which had occurred around the same time in which two catholic priests lost their lives during the ritual of exorcism. 
     strange, unexplainable events begin occurring in the home including odd, unusual noises and rappings. during the middle of the night, husband and father nate has a dream of revealed truth which reveals an old box in the attic containing some 8mm home movies from the family who previously resided in the residence. when nate awakens after having the dream, he goes up to the attic where he indeed discovers the box of 8mm home movies.        the next morning, while the rest of the family is having breakfast, nate arrives after  having the home movies transferred to dvds. nate then spends most of his time screening the home movies on a television monitor which documents the demonic possession which took place in the mid 1970s and seemingly effects him.                             meanwhile, down the road at the neighborhood catholic church, two priests discuss the past failed exorcism and the danger that exists now that a new unsuspecting family has moved in to the residence on rodeo road. the elder priest suggests the younger priest pay a visit on rodeo road and see if everything is calm and at peace now.                                                                some odd things occur prior to the priest's visit: the younder nine year old child hears disembodied voices in the home and seems to be behaving in a most odd manner - he stares at the basement door in the kitchen for some unexplainable reason. after the younger priest pays a visit to the residence, all appears well. however, when nate arrives he appears to be quit rude and hostile towards the young jesuit.                                                   evenutally, after many countless nights of watching the home movies, both nate and his nine year old child become demonically possessed themselves and evenutally the jesuit priests must obtain permission from the bishop to perform an exoricsm. this permission, however, is not granted and they must perform the rite of exorcism themselves. during the exorcism, the possessed nate murders the handyman-servant and his own wife. by the end of the the exoricsm, both nate and his young son are freed by the demonic infestation and all is well. after his wife's funeral, nate takes his son and moves away from palm springs. as they depart, however, the very same real estate agent shows yet a new unsuspecting young family the residence on rodeo road.... 

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